They Want you!

Is the Montreal real estate market falling apart? Recently, I get this question asked at least 2-3 times a day! And the the answer issssss NO! Here is why.

First thing first: the economic situation of the city is in a relative good shape. There are a gazillion number of major infrastructure works that are pending or just about to begin. The city is falling apart, yes! But we Montrealer will prevail!!!! and It will be reshaped! Just look around….there are things happening! No questions about that…All of this despite the frenzy media circus that Montreal has been inflicted for the past couple of years with all the allegations of corruption, collusion especially in the construction industry; and yet, the employment situation holds!

Second, the interest rates are still at an incredible bargain! Buyers can get deals as low as 2.85% for a 5 years mortgage rate. The good new is that these rates will not increase for a while (according to me of course). Third, there is a difference when the media talks about an overflow of new housing inventory between what is available now and what will be available then.

Let me try to explain. You can buy your dream home on a plan and wait until construction begins and completes, but you can also find your new home right now through the different projects that have housing inventory completely build and ready for immediate occupancy. Sounds good doesn’t it?  The demand from buyers for immediate occupancy is well balanced with the available inventory. Funny, that few talk about this! In Fact, it is all about perception! Ahhhhhh that perception that becomes reality! Not based on economic facts but based on emotions (often fuelled by the media in bloody search of bad news…), that perception that creates the environment! Now you gonna tell me: then what? YOU the buyer can take advantage of the gigantic deals that YOU can now make out there! Hello buyer, wake up!!!! Builders and promoters want YOU! So stop procrastinating and get out there ready to make that deal happen. It is in any case the best investment of your life!

On a lighter note, let me share a cool video I have had the chance to participate. The clip makes you think….and features Quartier A,  from Melatti Construction. It was a delight working with Gleb Gomberg and the team from Ovatio an independent creative boutique style agency!

..and now click here and enjoy the clip!


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May 2013