Social Media : ME-ME-ME always Me….

We all have something new to share, we all have tons of information ready and available instantenously, we all want to connect and make the web a better place for sharing information, ideas and keep connected. But I got to tell you that some companies and especially lots of individuals just don’t get it….. Fundamentally Social Media is not about you or your company or your services/products it is about THEM! I don’t care what people say, but posting that you ar buying your bananas at your favourite fruit store does not concern anyone. WE DONT CARE! Even worse, knowing that you became the mayor of your favorite video store is of no use for anyone but the store owner that is renting you Blu Rays and making a living out of it….But then again, maybe it’s me (me again)who doesn’t get it. I might have missed something in my technological quest…

This happens often. Just read around and you will laugh your head out on how egocentric sometime we can all be! A few weeks ago a client insisted to display his picture and long bio and all the great things he had done on the landing page of his web site. And yet this client his selling new homes. He is selling the dream of a lifetime, he is selling a way of life, he is selling our ultimate dream…A new home! What this particular individual did not understand is that people landing on his page want to live an emotional experience by looking at the possibility of having found their dream home. They are not looking at finding out who to worship…(that will come later, if you exceed expactations)….People want you to be real, honest and deliver a first interactive pleasant web experience. Period!

In her best selling book Michelle Blanc one of the most notorious blogger author and consultant in the entire francophone community, she shared a link in one of her postings that could be very useful on setting up your company social media strategy. Check it out at


Finally, If you are an individual…. well just be interesting and share pertinent information… As a matter of fact, someone long, long time ago said (I dont remember who it was, I believe a philosopher…) “tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”….. So I tell you this today: “tell us what you write and we will tell you who your are!” That is guaranteed!

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Jan 2011
POSTED IN Social Media